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The mission of LRS Arts is to nurture and develop emerging talent and ensure they are prepared to perform at their peak.

Wednesday March 2nd 2019

Saturday 8th March 2019

Wednesday March 2nd 2019

Saturday 8th March 2019

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One of the most inspiring experiences

Thanks for the opportunity to meet so many talented people and be able to share my own work. Those 2 days were extraordinary for me, and it was one of the most inspiring experiences in my life.

Zac Leon poet

Heaps of encouragement

I have taken far more than I thought away with me today including tips for honing my craft, heaps of encouragement and confidence and a new song with commercial potential. Absolute winner! Thank you LRS ARTS.

Andy Quick songwriter

Learnt so much

I can not thank you enough for yesterday, I had THE best time ever and learnt so much. I genuinely appreciate it more than you know. What an amazing experience!! I feel so lucky to have be part of LRS.

Rose Webber poet

So inspired

I have felt so inspired to write since working with Emily and Crispin, and have a few new tracks in the pipeline as a result. Thank you so much for all you continue to do to support artists like me – you make such a difference and it really really matters.

Hollie Rogers Singer/Songwriter

Amazing Crispin Hunt

For both of us, it was a highlight working with the amazing Crispin Hunt. It was very interesting actually seeing first person his thought processing techniques when helping us develop our song.

Max Williams Tribal Rights