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Mentoring Works

Photography-  Jill Furmanovsky (British photographer who has specialised in documenting rock musicians such as Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd to name a few) is a rock archive founder who also invited Gered Makonvicz (who photographed Jimmy Hendricks, The Stones etc.) a rock photographer, to join her mentoring at Port Eliot Festival this year 2019. 

 Film- Dr Kingsley Marshall Head of Film & Television at Falmouth University. LRS Arts are making it possible for three students from Falmouth University to take up a placement with Ridley Scott Productions later in the year. 

Back stage/Stage Management- Jesse Foot and Sam Worthy mentored on the Ace Of Clubs stage Port Eliot 2018. Simon Fraser (An evidently successful sound engineer and producer who in the past has worked with top bands at the Saw Mills Studio in Cornwall) worked with some mentees on the outside stage doing sound engineering at Port Eliot Festival 2018. 

Artist liaison- Steph Bryan and Emma Griffiths mentored for the Ace of Clubs stage at Port Eliot 2018. Emma (a professional Artists Liaison working on all manner of TV and films) and Steph have worked on Vogue shoots together. Emma has also worked in production for Doc martin and Poldark plus many other films and photo shoots.

 Play reading- LRS arranged for 4 of Henry Darkes plays to be acted out in the Round Room at Port Eliot festival 2018. Help from James Perez-Bristol Old Vic, the Soho Theatres-Chris White and Mary Woodvine who played lead actress.

Poetry-    Elvis Mcgonagall, Comedian who broadcasts his own show on Radio 4made himself available throughout Port Eliot festival 2018 as a mentor for Beth Davis. He has mentored Beth for the last 2 years.

Circus Skills- Mike Wright and Haggis Macleod with Above and Beyond. Above and beyond is a UK based professional aerial performance company, founded by Mike Wright over 15 years ago. They provides a variety of aerial performances, ranging from individual acts to a full scale flying trapeze shows. 

October 30, 2018